At Creative Learning Center, we consider ourselves the best day care in Lubbock. We offer childcare that is Christ-centered and focused on academic excellence. At Creative Learning Center, we believe that academic excellence starts early. Our programs are designed on an accelerated academic course. From the time your child is in our infant program in our day care through preschool we focus on developing the tools they need to succeed in the future. Creative Learning Center provides preschool in Lubbock as well as day care and kindergarten programs.

At Creative Learning Center, we value your child’s physical, mental, and spiritual development. From our infant program through our partnered Kindergarten program, our caretakers and teachers work with your child to provide the best preschool in Lubbock. Children begin learning sign language in our infant class. From there, they are taught Bible time, language and motor skill development, phonics and numbers, and more. It is our goal to have students on an accelerated academic course by the time they reach our Kindergarten 4 program, where they are taught things like habits and procedures, language development, and numbers and letters.

In addition to our preschool program and day care, we have also partnered with Learning Tree Children’s Academy to provide a kindergarten program. Your kindergartener will be on an advanced learning circuit and will teach your child math, science, reading, social studies, cultural appreciation, movement, music, art, and more. Not only do we have the best preschool in Lubbock, but we also work hard to set your child up for academic success the rest of their lives.

Creative Learning Center provides excellent day care, preschool, and private kindergarten in Lubbock. If you are interested in learning more about our preschool or childcare programs, please visit our website, and to learn more about our kindergarten program, please visit