Kindergarten 4

Kindergarten 4 | Creative Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten

Our pre-kindergarten in Lubbock for four-year-olds creates an environment that encourages curiosity and offers challenges to stimulate development. As your child nears starting kindergarten, you want them to have certain skills mastered. Creative Learning Center aims to do just this with our K4 program. As your child enters our K4 program, expect to see them learning and progressing rapidly.

Our pre-kindergarten program will encourage your child to challenge themselves. The K4 curriculum is a balance of Bible, habits and procedures, independent art, language development, large group activities, science and sensory, music and movement, library and literacy, manipulatives, dramatic play, numbers, phonics, and writing. If you’d like to enroll one of your children in one of our kindergarten programs, click here.

Bible Time

Our faith-based K4 pre-kindergarten program allows your child to learn and grow spiritually as well as through academics. Creative Learning Center believes Bible time is the most important part of the day. It is the subject we study at the beginning of every day. Children get to learn the love of Jesus through our Bible time. The pre-kindergarten lessons are presented through the telling of stories in the Old and New Testaments. We teach the Word of God through heart, soul, and mind.

Habits and Procedures

As your child grows older and more independent, it is important to teach them good habits and build responsibility. At Creative Learning Center, habits and procedures are established within the first two weeks of the school year. Our program is designed to have teachers build the foundation of their classroom. Appropriate classroom habits and procedures produce a classroom conductive to effective learning. Character development visuals and health & safety are used to promote positive behavior.

Phonic and Numbers

Phonics and numbers are a big part of the pre-kindergarten in Lubbock program. In this class, when it comes to phonics, children are laying the foundations for the road to reading. By the time children finish our program they are blending vowels and consonants together, reading one to two vowel words, and recognizing familiar words. Handwriting plays a big part for this age as well. Children learn to write all letters of the alphabet, and their names. Numbers work in many different ways. They learn everything from counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s to simple addition. The minimum your child will conclude the K4 program knowing is to count up to 100 and recognize numbers 1-25.

Language Development

By the time your child is in pre-kindergarten, they are likely very verbal and are learning new words every day. Language development provides a delightful way for children to expand their language skills as they learn new vocabulary words, increase listening skills as they hear new information and then answer questions, and strengthen motor skills as they participate in fun games and activities. By learning about the world around them, children will develop an appreciation for God.