An Excellent Learning Experience

Creative Learning Centers brings learning and fun together, making it suitable for all children.

Unique Programs

Sign Language, Arts & Crafts, and much more!

Future Academic Success

We want every child that comes through the doors of Creative Learning Center to make a journey towards excellence!

Greatness Begins Here

Creative Learning Center is an early child care center enriching the lives of children. Our school provides a great learning experience in a fun, safe, cheerful and friendly environment. Our unique program encompasses Preschool methods combined with an academic approach.

About Us

Creative Learning Center is an early child care center with the purpose of developing the skills children will need when they enter the education system. Our unique program encompasses playful methods combined with traditional academic standards.


Sign Language, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic all are some of the great activities children will take part in when they are in our unique Christ centered program.

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We hope to see you at Creative Learning Center, where greatness begins for all of our children!

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